Successfully shaping the digital transformation.

We have prepared a comprehensive program for you that will facilitate your digital transformation.



Get to know the Innovation and Learning Center and the technical possibilities of digital solutions in production.


We analyse your processes and find the greatest potential for digitalisation.


We help to identify the benefits, formulate goals and shape the path to digital transformation.


In a pilot project you get to know our working methods. Here we lay the foundation for a long-term cooperation.


We offer a wide range of workshops; tailored to your needs.

let us provide you with professional advice. We will put together an individual workshop program for you so that you can extract the greatest added value. Whether online or in presence, daily or weekly program - we make it possible.



Potential analysis

In the potential analysis, we uncover opportunities for the successful implementation of digital solutions.

In personal discussions, expert interviews and inspections of your production facilities, we uncover the potentials with which you can achieve the greatest benefit from digitalisation.



Procedure in the potential analysis


Day 1

Interview with as many people involved in production and producction management as possible (factory managers, employees general managers)
Factory Tour
Inspection of the production to record the current level of digitalisation
Digital Waste Walk
Investigation regarding waste (lean approach), targeted questions about waste and deficits of analogue production
Processing the interviews and the factory tour in preparation for the workshop on day two


Day 2

Presentation of the analysis method and presentation of the results
Prioritisation of the digitalisation potentials
Creation of the digitalisation-roadmap
Answering open questions and discussion



Benefit from our know-how, our experts and our international members in the Innovation and Learning Center Aachen.


ROI Calculation

Retrofit approach

Reduction of CO2 footprint

Selection ERP/MES system

Sensor selection

Factory and process planning

Display of process data

Work 4.0


Implementation projects

In recent years, we have been able to assist many companies in their digital transformation.

Let our projects inspire you. .


Let us assist you with our advice now. We will put together an individually customised offer for you.