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We support digitalisation in your production sites from the initial question over knowledge transfer to solution realisation.


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... and our versatile training programmes along the textile value chain.

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Digitalisation for production

Many companies are facing a major challenge: to use Industrie 4.0 solutions sensibly. To prepare companies for the digital future, we opened the Digital Capability Center (DCC) in Aachen in 2017. In our Model Factory 4.0, we develop digital solutions for production and provide expertise for implementation in your own company. We offer tailored formats for managers and technicians from various industries. In our workshops and seminars, we impart basic knowledge on the topic of Industry 4.0, condition monitoring, sensor technology and automation, advise on decision-making and accompany implementation projects. We accompany your digital transformation from the first workshop to the implementation project.


Digitalisation challenges many companies.

We have prepared a comprehensive programme for you that will make the digital transformation easier.



Get to know the Digital Capability Center and the technical possibilities of digital solutions in production sites.


We evaluate your processes and find the greatest potential for digitalisation.


We help to identify the benefits, define goals and shape the path to digital transformation.


In a pilot project you get to know our work methods. Here we lay the foundation for a long-term cooperation.

The Digital Capability Center in Aachen is a model factory for digitalisation in production


Digital Capability Center Aachen

The Digital Capability Center (DCC) Aachen is the world's first model factory 4.0 with a textile production as a demonstration example. The DCC Aachen is a central location for the development of digital capabilities in a real demonstration and learning environment as well as a test base for piloting and scaling new digital solutions. Using real industrial machines, we demonstrate the operational process of a digital transformation.

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Training courses along the textile value chain

Competent and skilled employees are indispensable to remain competitive in the textile industry. With our training courses on the basics of textile technology, innovation consultancy and seminars tailored to your individual needs, we respond to the shortage of skilled workers in the industry. Our training programmes are supervised by highly qualified textile engineers and scientists from the Institute of Textile Technology at RWTH Aachen University. Thus, you benefit from scientific research on the state of the art, but also gain insights into future trends and current research topics.


Professional education along the textile value chain

With us you will find further training - tailored to your needs. Choose between our customised seminars, open basic training courses and personal innovation consultancy.


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